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What is Scally?

Scally is a software service for cancer patients’ caregivers. The app monitors the user’s emotional state thanks to a mood tracker and tests, exercises, and recommendations based on cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques connects caregivers with counselors for communication and mutual support, helps keep a reflection diary, and applies behavioral activation practices. The app also monitors the patient’s timely medication intake, as this is extremely important during treatment and rehabilitation.

Does it work?

We started Scally as a bot in Telegram – a famous messenger among Ukrainians, and now more than 420 families use it daily. It has the same functionality, and we proved its usefulness by having conversations with our first users. You can see their feedback on the main page.

Does Scally has languages other than English?

Right now, the app is available in English and Ukrainian, but we are working on adding other languages as well. I you want Scally to speak your language first, send a letter with a proposition to [email protected]

Are you trying to replace therapists?

Absolutely not. There will always be a need for traditional therapy and therapists, and there is no replacement for human connection. Scally is an additional resource that is available in a very different way than more traditional methods of seeking help. Moreover, we will add a function to connect with onco psychologists through our app.

Is my data encrypted?

Yes. We adhere to hospital-level security policies and procedures to protect sensitive user data. All of your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption. We also follow procedures required by GDPR and HIPAA for the anonymization and transmission of your data.